How to invite Guest for Graduation Party

Graduation invitations are an important part of the graduation process. They let your friends and family know about the event, and they can be a keepsake for those who receive them. Here are some tips to make your grad announcements perfect!

What To Consider Before Finial Invitations Card?

Number of Invitations

Before making the graduation guest list, it is very important to confirm the number of invitations available per graduating with the graduation committee. With this number in hand, you can already have a great base to start making the list.

To decide who to bring to each of the graduation events, start by creating three groups of people:

  • Family
  • Loves
  • Friends

Start by writing down the names of everyone close to each of these groups. Even if the total list exceeds the number of invites available, write down everyone’s name at first.


People can always count on the family. It is no wonder that graduation invitations are always filled with messages that refer to the people who live with you daily and who are always giving strength to each challenge and obstacle that arises during graduation. There are families that are large and others that are smaller, but the important thing is not to leave out the main ones, such as father, mother, brothers, uncles, and grandparents.

loved ones

Just like family, the person who makes your heart beat faster should also be on the guest list. It’s unforgivable to leave her out of this important moment. For example, in the graduation invitation message itself, many students try to refer to the person they are relating to, and this is still a very creative demonstration of love.


The company of friends was certainly essential for the graduates to achieve the long-awaited diploma. That’s why it’s only fair that your best friends keep you company and celebrate this special moment with you! Therefore, it is important to separate invitations for your closest friends to celebrate with you !

Prioritize the Guest List

This may be a very complicated moment, but completely necessary. This is the time to narrow down the list according to the number of available graduation party invites. For this, you will need to choose the really close people who cannot be left out.

Request confirmation of presence

After making the invitation, asking your guests to confirm their presence is a great idea for you to know exactly how many invitations you will need. If someone can’t attend, you can invite someone else who couldn’t, at first, for lack of invitations.

Remember: set a date as the deadline for the response! After all, everything planned in advance is likely to occur without incident. We don’t want anyone to be left out of this moment!

Extra Invitations

Extra invitations are those that are available for individual purchase for trainees if they wish to bring more people than the pre-established number of invitations.

It is important to check with the graduation committee or ceremonial about the number of extra invitations available. So make your list in advance to be sure if you will need to resort to extra invitations or not.