Valley of Flowers

Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers

A natural marvel and an awesome area, the Valley of flowers is a World Heritage Site and a famous place recognized for its beauty worldwide. Positioned in the transitional land of Zanskar Valley and the Mountain ranges, the Valley of Blossoms lies in the Chamoli area of Uttarakhand state, India.

The Valley- An Intro:

The Valley of Flowers was discovered by an English mountaineer and a botanist who accidentally found the place while trekking via the mountains. So captivated was he from the area that after a long time, he wrote a book regarding it, titled Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers. Thus, Smythe’s publication presented the elegance resting privately in the huge Himalayas to the globe.

On the other hand, the citizens constantly knew about the presence of the location, yet considering that it was so incredibly stunning, they believed that fairies had to be living right there and did not dare establish foot on it.

After publishing the guide, the entire world discovered the beauty of Valley of Flowers, and botanists, adventure candidates, nature fans, and all the curious spirits came rushing to witness this unbelievable beauty.


Valley of flowers has a few of one of the most charming vegetation of the Mountain range consisting of the renowned Brahma Kamal, which is likewise the state blossom of Uttarakhand. Various other popular blossoms located here are the blue poppy and the cobra lily. According to a research study, there are types of higher plants and varieties of blooming plants located in the Valley.

Aside from that, there are several plants of medical value, like the Picrorhiza kurrooa, Aconitum violaceum, Polygonatum multiflorum, Podophyllum hexandrum, etc.

Animal: The Valley is home to many rare varieties of pets, several of which are discovered below. These include the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Brown bear, Musk deer, Blue Lamb, Red Fox, Common Langur, Bharal, Mouse Hare (Pika), Serow, Tahr, and also Brown Bear, etc.

The airborne types in the Valley of flowers include Snow pigeon, Griffon marauder, Golden Eagle, Himalayan Snowcock, Snow Partridge, Sparrow Hawk, etc. There are also a very variety of butterflies discovered right here.

Valley of Flowers Expedition:

It is accessible just through a long trip from Gobind ghat, a village a little distance from Joshi math. There’s a little negotiation concerning the Valley known as Ghaghara, which works as the resting area for the trekkers around the Valley.

An entry permit is obtained from the Forest Examine blog post at Ghangaria, enabling individuals to surpass the settlement. The authorization is valid, and a small charge is billed for making it.


There is no accommodation at the Valley, and overnight remains are not allowed. Joshi math and Ghangharia have some state-run lodges and guest houses that can be taken; likewise, some resorts and private lodges are offered at Joshi math.