Three Factors Reducing Loading Time and How to Remove Them

Improve Loading Time

Loading time has become a key SEO metric considered by professionals trying to increase the search traffic coming to a website. The modern online citizen is likely to have a very low attention span and miniscule patience as a result.

This is why some of the most trafficked online channels such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon are very fast. Each major online platform realizes the role of loading speed in keeping people on their platform. One of the key reasons why people began using Google over other search engines more than two decades back was its uber fast loading time.

Loading time depends on a number of factors, each playing a role in decreasing the website loading speed. These factors are typically native and can be optimized in order to improve loading time and ensure greater incoming traffic.

As a factor for ranking websites on search results, loading time is important as it is a clear indication of the user experience. A longer loading time is a clear suggestion of a user having poor experience browsing on a given website.

In this article, we will discuss three key factors and ways to improve loading time of a given blog or website.

Too Many Plugins

For bloggers running a blog on WordPress, loading time is longer than acceptable due to the presence of too many plugins. For running a simple blog, there is no need for too many plugins. Simple plugins such as Yoast SEO are ample for running a blog.

Many blogs have too many plugins that often remain unused and hog too much space, making a website heavy and thereby taking more time to load says Delhi Courses Academy.

Thus, bloggers and website runners should use plugins they really need and delete all plugins that have no use.

Heavy Images

Images are an important part of a website or blog. Plain text makes for a dull experience, especially when the topic being discussed can be made for informative with the right images.

However, images often end up reducing the loading speed considerably. This is because most typical webpages load the images before showing the text. Since the size of an image is much greater than many blocks of text, image loading takes much more time.

Since removing images altogether is not an option either, bloggers and digital marketers should compress each image they add to a blog post or article. By compressing the images, the effort to improve loading time can be optimized considerably.

Cheap and Unreliable Hosting Plan

According to top digital marketing institutes, New bloggers tend to save money while buying an hosting plan. This habit is far too common and causes website speed to decrease considerably. A cheap hosting plan from an untrustworthy seller can be a major cause of low loading time.

In order to make sure web hosting is not a hindrance to improve loading time, bloggers must opt for an optimal plan that is ideal for the blog or website in question.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three main factors responsible for causing long loading time. The article above contains many ways to improving loading time and take another step towards SEO-optimality.