Spaghetti Sauce on Your Carpet? What To Do Next

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We’ve all been there: whether a dancing toddler kicked over a bowl of Spaghettios on your favorite rug or you lost your balance carrying a plate of penne pasta out of the dining room, spilling tomato-based sauces on the rug can feel like a real-life nightmare. Thankfully, our carpet cleaning services Toledo are here to help you with both the home and professional remedies that can help you restore your carpets to like-new condition.

First, Don’t Panic

We know–when you see spaghetti sauce splattered on your carpet, you’re immediately thinking about how pricey it’s going to be to buy a new rug. Thankfully, there are quite a few options that you can try to get the stain out of your carpet.

Next, Remove Excess

Do your best to get as much of the sauce off of the carpet as possible. Use a paper towel, a sponge, a spoon–whatever you can grab quickly to get any excess pasta or sauce off of the floor. While you don’t want to purposefully ground more sauce into the carpet, don’t worry too much about making a bigger mess. We’ll tackle that next.

Now, Mix

Head to the kitchen and mix up a cup of warm water with about a tablespoon of dish soap. Don’t worry if your soap has a blue or green tint–it will be diluted enough by the water that it won’t cause an additional stain to your carpet.

Grab a Sponge

After you’ve mixed up your dish soap and water, pick up a clean sponge and head over to the stain. Dip your sponge in the water and begin working the stain out of the carpet, stopping regularly to rinse your sponge. Start at the outer edge of the stain and head to the middle, making small circles with your sponge. If necessary, head back to the kitchen and change out your water. You should notice that your carpet is quickly returning to its normal color as your soap and water works its magic.

Finally, Blot

Grab some paper towels and use them to blot up the rest of the liquid from your carpet once the visible remnants of the stain are removed.

Still Stuck? Call Our Toledo Carpet Cleaning Company

If you’re still struggling to get a stain out of your carpet, rug, or upholstery, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Reach out to Steamex Toledo today to chat about our carpet cleaning Toledo services.