Should You Travel to an Urban or Rural Location?

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Traveling to new places can be exciting and allow you to explore new cultures, sites, foods, and more. However, the differences between urban and rural locations can vary greatly. It’s important to understand the benefits and cons of these different settings before choosing your next travel destination.


First, when considering planning a trip most individuals provide themselves with a budget. If you’re looking to spend less money on a place to stay and activities to partake in, a rural setting is most likely your best choice. Urban locations are typically high traffic cities with large volumes of tourism. Between hotels, transportation, and general locality costs, you are likely to spend a bit more money in an urban city.


If you are looking to have a large amount of activities available, an urban location can provide these things. From festivals to parks to tourist attractions you can find many entertainment options in a city. However, this does not mean rural areas don’t have things to do. You can enjoy local cafes, nature trails, and small businesses.


Peaceful and relaxing vacations are perfect in a rural location due to the tendency of being secluded from a fast paced setting and the tranquility that rural areas offer. Rural settings are usually found with spacious areas of land, beautiful wildlife, and scenic views. Urban settings can provide relaxation through spas and hotels that focus on providing a slower paced scene.

Friendly People

Friendly individuals can be found anywhere. But if you’ve ever traveled to a small town you’ve most likely been welcomed with open areas and heartfelt conversations. This is not to say that urban settings don’t have friendly people, but you are more likely to find very friendly and accommodating people in the heart of the country.


Those who are interested in learning about other cultures or having first hand experiences may seek culturally diverse areas. Culture is found everywhere. If you are looking to learn about culture through exhibits, pieces of art, and other pieces of history than a museum is a great place to start. Museums are typically found within city limits. However, if you are looking to experience a certain culture for yourself, rural areas are typically where cultures are cherished and still practiced.

Depending on what you are looking for in a vacation you may find yourself traveling to either an urban or rural setting or perhaps both. If you decide an urban setting with rural features closeby is the perfect location for you. Real estate for sale in Whistler can land you in the home of your dreams.