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Do cat eye glasses suit all individuals?

Do cat eye glasses suit all individuals?

Cat eye glasses have acquired a notable position in fashion for decades. These amazing glasses first gained popularity in the 1950s.

Cat eye has certainly been a never-ending trend since then. So, if these fabulous frames have managed to catch your eye, let’s discover if they would look great on you!

Earlier, they were popularly used as cat eye prescription glasses. However, today many choices are available for users. So, coming to the primary question, do cat eye glasses look fantastic on every individual? Claiming a yes would certainly not be completely wrong. These edgy frames offer a variety of looks, right from elegant to nerdy. Yet, picking the right cat-eye glasses is also a must to look great. Read on to identify the type that will suit your needs the best. We have listed cat-eye glasses for each face structure. Discover how well these all-rounder glasses blend and look good on nearly every person!

Which Cat-eye Frame is meant for you?

Cat-eye glasses look great on almost all individuals and are very versatile. Further, the modern types are available in various patterns, hues, sizes, and shapes. So, finding a pair that does not suit you is surely tough. Thus, you must know which type will suit you well with cat-eye glasses.

Glasses for each face:

  • Oval

The most common face structure that is defined by its length and not the width is oval. Here an individual’s cheekbones are somewhat wider than the chin or forehead. People’s oval face structures can easily pull off any eyewear, comprising cat-eye frames. So, be bold and try the unique, quirky frames from the cat-eye range to highlight your look. Frames with unique details like rhinestone and metallic rings may also work quite well.

  • Round

These facial structures have a similar length and width. Most styles look fantastic on a round face structure; however, angular glasses work the finest. And by this, we mean the most loved cat eyes. So, whether you wish to make new cat eye prescription glasses or buy a pair of sunglasses. Worry not! They will undoubtedly suit you well. Traditional cat eyes with amplified wings and a sloppy bottom rim may suit round faces the best.

  • Square

In the case of square faces, you can consider drawing a straight line from the forehead to the jaw. As these face structures are more linear, curvier eyewear tends to blend well with them. If you want perfect cat-eye glasses, pick a frame that has a decent bottom sweep and looks more like round-shaped eyeglasses. Also, prefer frames that do not have angled or edgy points.

  • Diamond

Individuals with a diamond-shaped face structure have more prominent cheekbones. So, as they have more highlighting cheekbones than the browlines, adding some impact to the browline is the chief key. As cateye glasses highlight the brow line perfectly, they suit these face structures perfectly. A semi or delicate rim glass frame for diamond faces will suit them best.

  • Heart

Heart-shaped face structures have similar forehead and cheekbone width, with a narrow chin. Picky cat eye glasses for such individuals could be tricky, as they mimic and do not blend well with the lines of this face structure. The best advice is to pick a slightly wider frame than the forehead. In the case of cat eyes, pick glasses with a subtle wing and a profound base or simply eyewear similar to the winged D-frame.

  • Oblong

These face structures are similar to oval faces; however, they are slightly wider. However, here cheek lines are straight and long. For such structures, bold and fancy details on the temple work the finest. Thus, cateye glasses will completely suit individuals with an oblong face structure. Opting for color-blocked and classy patterns on the browline is the best option.

  • Base-down triangle

This face structure is an inverted heart. People here have a broader jaw than the temple or cheekbones. Basic cat eyes glasses work the best for this face shape as they draw more attention to the top of the face. Also, it helps make the cheekbones appear more significant by creating slimming lines and amplifying them.

Irrespective of your face structure, cat-eye glasses are always available for you. You must pick a pair smartly by combining the right instructions and materials, shapes, details, colors, etc.


Be it cat eye prescription glasses or fancy eyewear for your date night. Cat-eye glasses are available for all individuals. All you need is the right variety to pick the ideal ones. Explore the fabulous range of cat eye glasses at Vooglam to grab your ideal pair today. The large variety will certainly help you find something that catches your eye!