BBQs 2U and Kamado Joe – Perfect Match for Grilling Greatness

Achieving genuine barbeque bliss needs more than flipping burgers over a standard grill. Give BBQs 2U a visit to see the live demonstration of Kamado Joe in action. You will forget the limitations of ordinary grills.

KJ is a well-known brand for high-quality Kamado grills offering popular models –

  • The Classic I, II & III
  • The Big Joe II, III
  • The Joe Jr.
  • The Kettle Joe

You can find the ideal KJ model for your needs, from compact Joe Jr. to mighty Big Joe, catering to any grilling space and culinary skills.

Unbeatable grilling experience

The innovative ceramic design of KJ grills delivers matchless heat retention, fuel efficiency, and precise temperature control, making your grilling endeavor effortless and enjoyable.

Unleash your culinary skills 

  • Smoke brisket is perfectly tender and juicy and infused with smoky goodness.
  • Bake golden crispy pizzas on glowing embers and experience the flavors dancing on your tongue.
  • Roast mouth-watering vegetables bursting with caramelized sweetness and colors.
  • Sear steaks to your exact liking with perfect crust conveniently in your backyard – better than restaurant quality.

All the Kamado Joe grills are designed with ceramic shells known for their superior heat retention and even distribution, which allows for precise temperature control. However, the different KJ models vary in several ways.

  • Classic series– For precise temperature control, there is an easy-to-use air-lift hinge. There is a patented slide-out ash drawer for easy cleanup. It also features a divide-and-conquer system for added cooking space and style. Sloroller Hyperbolic smoke chamber is ideal for low & slow cooking.
  • Big Joe series– Besides the features in the classic, the Big Joe series is upgraded with an extended cooking grate, multi-panel firebox, and patented Kontrol Tower top vent. It allows for more precise temperature management and smoother airflow.
  • Joe Jr.– Joe Jr. is small in size, but its ceramic walls retain heat efficiently. It even includes a stainless steel cooking grate and patented slide-out ash.
  • Kettle Joe– Ceramic firebox retains heat well and allows slow & low cooking with less charcoal. Reaches searing temperature for ideal grilled burgers and steaks.

With Kamado Joe BBQ, culinary dreams become a reality. Its ceramic shell locks moisture and flavor, while adjustable airflow allows precise temperature control, ensuring every delicacy is cooked to perfection. Another advantage is fuel efficiency, saving you money and time on charcoal refills.

Visit BBQs 2U and discover the KJ difference between models in terms of sizes and accessories. Talk to the friendly family-business owners about your needs, and they will direct you to the correct KJ.


Currently, BBQs 2U is offering different KJ packs –

  • Elements
  • Discovery
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
  • Quest
  • Voyager

The Element pack includes KJ big black charcoal, KJ firestarter, and KJ cover, while the Voyager pack includes all the relevant accessories.

If you are a beginner, then start with Kettle Jr., and after gaining confidence, choose the large model and enjoy grilling weekends with friends and family.

Overall, KJ offers exceptional heat control, unparalleled versatility in cooking styles, durable construction, and convenient features. Upgrade your grilling experience!