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Smart Garden Bed Ideas to Make a Perfect Garden

Smart Garden Bed Ideas to Make a Perfect Garden

Garden Bed Ideas are easy to implement and can be rearranged with a bit of effort. Continue reading to learn more about What is a raised garden? These include tips and tricks for building and planting your garden.

What is a Raised Bed Garden?

Raised bed gardens are made up of large, freestanding boxes or frames that are built over the natural terrain. DIY Raised Garden Bed are usually rectangular but can be made in any shape you like. There are many options for frame materials: plastic, composite lumber brick, wood, and even recycled materials such as old tires. You have two options: either build your own raised garden, or buy a kit.

Benefits of raised-bed gardening

  • Raised beds are taller than regular ones, which reduces the need to bend and kneel. This saves your back and joints from discomfort and pain.
  • You can control the soil’s texture and nutrients by adding soil to the frame. This allows you to garden in areas with hardy, nutrient-poor or compacted soils.
  • Drainage is also improved by elevation and control of the soil.
  • Raised beds are more likely to heat up in spring and allow for earlier planting.
  • Raised beds gardens are more likely to be free of weeds. Ground cloth or another material can be added at the bottom to enhance this benefit.
  • Raised beds are also easy to install, so they’re great for small-space gardening.

How to make a raised garden bed?

You can build your own raised garden beds as easy or as complex as you like. Choose a spot. If you have plants that need shade tolerance, the ideal location is on level ground with full sunlight.

There are four major components that you need to be aware of: soil, dimensions, bottom material, frame material and frame material. Raised beds can be made from many materials, but we will focus our attention on the classic wooden frame.

How high is the best height to plant a raised garden?

Your choice of plants and the amount of kneeling and bending required to build your raised garden bed will determine how high it is. For most garden plants, eight inches is the minimum soil depth. However, twelve inches is ideal if you intend to grow root crops.

Although length is not important, ensure that the width of the bed allows you to reach the center from both sides. A typical width of four feet is acceptable, but smaller families and those who want children to be involved may prefer a three-foot width.

What wood is best for a raised garden?

Many types of wood can be used for a raised garden bed. However, cedar is the most popular. Cedar is lightweight and easy to use, as well as being resistant to decay. A cedar raised-bed frame can last up to ten years.

On the other hand, reclaimed redwood is also resistant to rot and has a similar life span as cedar. You should choose thicker boards of two inches for greater stability and longevity, regardless of the type. Avoid treated lumber and railroad ties, as these can leach chemicals into the soil.